• Car speed display and head up display with 5.5'' display 2 color
  • Car speed display and head up display with 5.5'' display 2 color

Car speed display and head up display with 5.5'' display 2 color

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Product Description

Goods accessories: Host ODB data line reflection paster host fixed pad specification  Display type:  digital       
Baby for: All conform to the second generation of vehicle automatic diagnosis system (OBD II) models       
Product Size:  150mm x 85mm x 14mm       
Product weight:  0.111kg       
Packing box size: 175mm X115mmX50mm    
Packaging Weight: 0.311kg   
QTY:  30       
G.W:  10.5kg       
Environment temperature: ~40c+80cAtmospheric pressure86-106kpa
Alarm sound level:   >>=30db       
Working voltage: 9v~16vdc(12vdc/70mA)       
Display project: Speed · engine speed · instantaneous fuel consumption · engine temperature · battery voltage       
Speed display:  Projection display car speed; The safest way to avoid lower the head to watch       
Engine speed:  Show car engine speed state       
Instant oil consumption: Display the current instantaneous speed per liter of gasoline mileage drivable       
Speeding tip:  In the setting of overspeed alarm value, to achieve the speed flashing lights up and prompt       
Battery voltage: When the battery voltage is lower than/when to 12 v, warning will light up to remind       
Engine temperature: Water temperature reached 115 degrees automatically alarm and light up       
Shift hint: When the engine speed and speed reaches a certain scale, tips to save fuel consumption increase gear       
Km unit: The international system of units, the general use kilometers per hour, with km/h       
Buzzer mark: According to the switch can be opened and closed buzzer sound

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